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Duplicate Photos Finders Pro in Users Mind

Users’ Remarks over Duplicate Photos Finder Pro

Most of the users give favorable comment on Duplicate Photos Finder Pro. Technology developers know the main idea from the users.When users deal with large numbers of images and some of them are identical. The problem exposed. Time will be given more to do redundant work. The result was not satisfactory. Subsequently, Customers’ requirement to have a tool (To Find same photos) are urgent. Definitely, this is the reason for developing Duplicate Photos Finder Pro. Many people have searched it for details and downloaded this useful photos finder finally as it has launched for a month.

One of the team members said:” We cannot estimate the popularity of the Duplicate Photos Finder Pro. It is beyond expectation. People like it“. One of the users named Sally responded:”The speed of finding duplicate photos is quick and it help me save a lot of time.” We feel pleased because of many positive comments. Previously, Large quantities of repeated imaged bring a lot of trouble to users. They have to open files to see them one by one and check the duplicate images. It is laborious to tackle the duplicate photos and remove them to another folder. With the help of Duplicate Photos Finder Pro, users need not do the complicated work. They can delete or select the images on the Duplicate Photos Finder Pro.As what users’ said, most importantly, using such short time to find duplicate photos is the revolutionary shift.

Magical Effect of Selection

This function will take more effect if it is used well. After finding out the duplicate photos, we have to select the appropriate one. At this time, the “Selection ” take its effect.

There are four options -”Select 100% Identical (Keep First)”, “Select 100% Identical Except Size(Keep Smallest)”, “Select lowest Duration/ Lowest Quality”, “Clear Selection”.  Let me tell you some particulars about it so that you can use it wisely.

“Select 100% Identical (Keep First)”- In some situation that the size of the images are different but the content are the same we need find them accurately. 100% identical means all the information of the images are the same and there is no difference between them. Selecting this option helps you find the completely identical one.

“Select 100% Identical Except Size (Keep Smallest)”-When you select this option, the tool helps you find out all the information of the photos are the same except Size. The size of them is different. Finally, it will leave the smallest one after the process is accomplished.

“Select Lowest Duration/ Lowest Quality ( Keep longest /Best Quality)”- This option help you find out the poor quality photos and keep the highest quality photos for you. Usually, we cannot distinguish the the best one among large numbers of photos with our naked eyes. But Duplicate Photos Finder Pro can help you.

Finding duplicate photos is easy to do, isn’t it?