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Why Do We Like to Use Screen Recording Star?

We usually need to record something in our work and study. First of all, we have to confirm the quality of the video and the voice effect at the same time. Maybe there are images, text to be added and we need to preview the effect of it. Studio mode is an innovation in recording area.

Secondly, the quantity of the source is another challenge. We should choose the most effective and practical way to manage all the source files and produce a satisfactory recording. Thirdly, we have to take into account the comprehensive function and unique feature. We can make recording work much easier and better if most of us have accomplish the three points above.

Unique Features

You can find some special and unique features in the Screen Recording Star. You can check recordings in your computer directly. Select “Files” on the homepage and click “show recordings” you will find all the videos in your computer.

Use It Quickly

Screen Recording Star has a lot of advanced features. Advanced properties are seldom seen on other recording software. The strength it can give you is the general control. Users are allowed to manage “Name, Status,Volume,Balance,Sync Offset,etc”. In this way, you won’t waste extra time to manage and set them one by one. Advanced Audio Properties help you control them all.

Maybe many of you are puzzled by the voice edit and audio mixer. In the past, you usually record the videos simply. While you press the “end”, the recording process is done. Not mention the voice mixer and sound edit. We know it is the selective function that need a lot of time to research and create. For users, if the voice mixer outcome is fine, the whole result of the video can be improved a lot. Now, we help you realize your dream. The obvious phenomenon you can

see is the flexible audio mixer area. Equally, it is like an audio preview area for you to check the voice works. At the same time, you can set the audio while you are previewing all the audio files.

Naturally, we believe you are sensitive about audio mixer and you can do it well.


No matter what work we do, the vital factor we have to take into account is time. We often make every effort to improve the work efficiency and eventually save a lot of time. Thus, what we need is an intelligent software. For instance, the studio mode on the screen recording star, audio mixer, and advanced audio properties. To improve work efficiency, you only need to be proficient at these functions. The best measure to make the most of a tool is to know it well and be proficient at it.

At present, Screen Recording Star is enough for most of the users. The service, features, and technology it provide are good enough. We believe it will be better in the near future with our continuing and arduous efforts.