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Why We Say Screen Recording Star is Great?

What do we want it for?

When we want to record high quality videos we must choose an appropriate software. We believe Screen Recording Star is the very one you need. You need to handle and optimize the voice and the whole effect of the video. The big difference of the screen recording star that you have to upload sources. These sources include audio,images,videos,text,video capture device, etc. If you select video capture device, the link will directly skip to your computer camera.

 After uploading sources, you can set the mode to studio mode. In this way, you can see two big parts on the top. They are preview and program, which help you to preview and edit videos.

Behind them, one of the essential parts is audio mixer. It will help you accurately adjust the audio and the effect of it. Maybe the professional musicians are familiar with it. To simply change the volume is easy but change the effect of voice is not so simple. Audio mixer cannot be replaced by any other tools. The sound effect it produce is vital for the whole effect of the video.

Why do we have to upload source?

We usually know that most of the recorder don’t need to upload source, you just simply record video and save it. But you cannot do a lot of work such as accurately edit video ,images, text,etc.

The advanced setting is in Screen Recording Star.

What we need to mention is adding text.

When you want to add text, two choices are available-Create new or add existing one. The content will be shown on the preview. The default background color is black. If you like other color, please change it on the text page. You will use screen record star quite well with time going.

Now, we give you a detailed introduction of the settings in the audio mixer. The first one we like to mention is Advanced Audio Properties. This button plays an important role in the whole setting area. You can control and manage all the detail information of audio. Maybe most of the people will feel surprised about the professional function. Every list you changed will affect the audio effect, so please think twice before you determine to change the setting information. It allows you to manage all the source together, which can promote the work efficiency. After you have set all the information, please close the box and go to the preview area to confirm the outcome.

Besides, the other settings such as Lock Volume, Unhide All, Hide, Rename, Copy Filters are simple to understand and use. Like the basic setting, which allow you to use them quickly.

If you have to combine several videos , the scene transitions will be added. The default one is fade. You can also select other scene transitions such as swipe, stinger, and fade to color.

The innovation of the technology is amazing. With the advanced recorder tool, the work can be better.