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Fantastic Screen Recording Star

What should we prepare for the first-step work?

Before you start recording work, please upload source from your device. You can upload various kinds of source. For instance, text, scene, media source, and image. We have to mention first is the text source, it is like the subtitles edit. The font of the text and color can be st by you. You can set the vertical alignment to the bottom so that the text can be regarded as subtitle. There is a specific selection to upload game source. Because recording game-related video need some spacial function and we optimize these functions for you. If users want to record game media, the powerful screen recording star is waiting for you at any time.

The unusual voice manage

Why do we say the screen recording star is fantastic? It solved many problems that other recording software can’t handle. The headache problem is the audio mixer. The music learner may know this function well. It directly influenced the sound effect of the media. However, other recording software can’t provide the good solution. Usually we find the video editing and audio one are separate tools. It means if you need to set ,adjust, or preview the audio , you must do all these work on audio software. But today, with the continuing efforts of all of us, we put the audio mixer on this amazing software- screen recording star. By the time you get quite familiar with the screen recording star, you might have created satisfactory mixer audio. To deal with mixer audio work will not become difficult as long as you download screen recording star.

After you have uploaded the source and started the recording work, please note the audio area and you can easily find the voice status is changing. It allows you to preview the audio status while the media is playing. The sound effect of the audio mixer is simple to get. I would give an example for you. If you have got two files of audio and need to finish a mix audio file with these two audio files, please edit the volume of these two audio file in the audio mixer area. Finally, you will find the feature of audio mixer. Every time you change the voice setting, the result of the audio mixer also will change. That is the remarkable audio mixer. This special function has determined the unusual screen recording star.

Batch Handle Audio Properties

We know the work efficiency is always the concerning factor in the company and in our work and it becomes more important as we step into the information age. To batch process work tasks is the first choice. We need a homepage to control and manage all the audio files and to see their name, status,volume, mono, balance,sync offset, etc. Obviously, in this way, users can look through and manage the audio files efficiently. We answer your question now, the advanced audio properties can help you do the work. You can find it in the setting button of audio mixer area.

The features we described is quite useful for those who have downloaded Screen Recording Star.