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Screen Recorder pro FAQs

Welcome to our website and read the articles. We create Screen recorder pro for Win10 users.

We resolve to develop the superb service and unique technologies for you. In this post, we’ll share some useful tips for you. We believe most of you will work and study efficiently with screen recorder pro.

How to download screen recorder pro?

Please download this APP in MICROSOFT STORE.


What is Screen recorder pro?

Screen Recorder pro is a computer screen recording software that perform multiple recording video modes including full-screen recording, area recording and camera recording. Audio and picture synchronization , which help you to record computer desktop operations, are also embraced in screen recorder pro. It is a considerate APP for professional photographer as well as green hand.

Is Screen recorder pro free?

Definitely, yes. It is the open source software and free for all the users.

How to record videos?

First of all, choose the record area mode bellow the “Video Source”.

Then Click the red dot on the top left corner to begin record video.

How to record game video?

Bellow “Video Source”, please find an icon named Desktop Duplication. Its function is to record game videos. At present, not all games can be recorded but we are trying our best to develop new functions to meet users’ requirements and give them more surprises. Much as there will be something challenging before getting a big success, we stick to the core value and roll out remarkable software.

How to record audio?

There is one button bellow Video Source named only audio .Select it and set the audio format then you can record audio.

How to take screenshot?

Full screenshot function is available on screen recorder pro. The screenshot button is on the top left corner area. The icon like camera is screenshot switch. It is easy and concise with this function. You don’t have to download screenshot separately. After being taken, the screenshot will be saved automatically. You’ll see a notification saying Screenshot saved .

Where to find the videos or screenshots that has been recorded?

Please find the “Recent” button on the left fringe. All the screenshots and videos can be find here. Furthermore, you can edit the videos and screenshots after opening them in recent area. Basic edit functions are included.

Is there some stunning methods for us to record online course?

Well, the screen recorder pro itself is stunning. Also, it is a professional software for users to record online course. Please remember to turn on “Include cursor, include Mouse Clicks, Include Keystrokes, and Elapsed”. When all of them are illuminated, you can start recording.

How to change theme color?

The default color is blue but not everyone like it. You can change theme color anytime. Find the “configure “button, click into it then you can see the accent color on the bottom of this page. Choose your favorite color in the end.

How to set up the language?

Also in the “Configure” page, you can see the language setting. Select the language you prefer.

Maybe there are other questions don’t mention above.Please contact us by sending e-mails to winuwp[at]hotmail.com