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Screen Recorder & Webcam Recorder is Inspiring

Screen Recorder & Webcam Recorder

Another powerful and multifunctional recorder we introduce to you is Screen Recorder and Webcam Recorder. Purposes such as recording videos, taking a photograph, Drawing, computer graphics, editing are all available on Screen Recorder&Webcam Recorder(SRWR). With multi-media penetrate every aspects of the world, the recorder tools seem much more important than ever. Especially for those who have to create trending videos for their own medium account. Their daily work includes taking photos, recording videos and editing them. Sometimes they get more complicated work including setting frame, resolution parameters, recording basic information. Can you imagine the day without a smart and appropriate recorder tool? Perhaps you are helpless and find no one to turn to. Please don’t worry. SRWR can help you at the very moment.

Features for Screen Recorder&Webcam Recorder  

The overall surface is concise. Four icons (recorder, camera, drawing board, editor) on the home page. Every icon means one function. Recording is the first button from the left. Most of you must be familiar with recording because we have offered several different versions of recorder on the APP store. Press “Recorder” you’ll see a transparent box showed up. On the right bottom area, two icons provided to control the recording process. After finishing recording, the application automatically enter into editing page. So you have access to edit the recorded video immediately. We can say SRWR is an exquisite app for everyone who love photography industry.

In that you can remove duplicates and reduce frame count on SRWR. While developing this software, we take every possible factor of users into account.

 While editing, you can review the whole video by playing every frame count. This can make your video more accurate and professional. Maybe some users will ask:Can I insert recording or webcam recording? Well, It completely available. When you finish recording and enter into the editor home page, you can select insert recording , insert webcam recording, insert board recording. In this way, you can easily edit and add the content in your video.

How to edit precisely?

Many people are amazed by the remarkable achievements of recorder technology. A video can be changed to the version you want. Most of the videos editing functions concentrated on the home page of editor. Like editing other files, users can undo, reset, redo the content. While amending video, please pay attention to the “cut” and “paste”. Videos can be cut by every frame, so it accurately provide the useful option. Vice versa, you can copy the video clips by every frame.”Frame” is the minimum unit for videos. So it is professional enough for users to edit their videos.

Editing images is also amazing

Except fundamental functions (Resize,Crop,Flip or rotate), what attracted you must be free drawing and watermark. It is special that one can draw patterns and add watermarks. Creating your own style and unique videos lead you to absorb more customers.  

Screen Recorder and Webcam Recorder is fit for everyone who is interested in editing and recording videos. We hope you can create high quality and professional works.