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The Best Recorder- Screen Recorder&Webcam Recorder

To choose a useful recorder is very important for those who need to record desktop screen. A good recorder can maximally improve the clarity and fluency of the video when you record computer screen and other videos.

Screen Recorder&Webcam Recorder

Today we recommend a popular recorder software-Screen Recorder&Webcam Recorder. It is developed by winuwp Team. You can record High Definition videos by using SRWR(Screen Recorder&Webcam Recorder) while you need to record High Definition game videos, Webcam videos, and teaching videos.

Three recording modes on SRWR

There are three recording modes on SRWR. They are screen Recorder, Webcam Recorder, and board recorder. The recorded video is not only tiny in volume, but the quality is quite clear. Also, you can save a lot of time when you are recording because it can be operated simply. After you open the software,please click the button you need to record different videos respectively. The board recorder is the most interesting one among them. You can draw the picture by yourself. Any pictures as you can.

All of the recording modes provided are used to record desktop screen,online videos, and webcam videos. You can choose the recording area when start recording. Also, the recorded videos automatically enter into screen recorder editor page after stopping recording. So in this way you can edit the video at the same time, which will save a lot of valuable time for you.

While editing videos, you can insert recording,webcam recording, board recording to make your works more colorful and impressive. Meanwhile, you can record separately when you are editing the video. But these functions will only be used if users aren’t satisfied with the current video. However, if you have prepared materials in your computer, inserting from media is more convenient for you.

Board recorder

Board recorder is the first choice for people who want to record teaching videos or demonstrate video conference over internet. Enter into the board recorder, you can see there are pen,eraser, and stroke eraser for you to interpret and demonstrate the content you provide. At the same time you can choose different color to highlight the key point. You can select “enables recording while drawing” so that the video can be recorded automatically when you are drawing.

Webcam Recorder

Webcam Recorder is device recording mode, which provide a webcam. In this mode, you can change the scale of the video and maximum frames per second.Finally, saving video is not free,you have to pay for it. As for the video’s audio, it automatically record the system sound.

The function of watermark

Another special and unique function is watermark. You can add your own watermark. Please upload the logo image from your computer to add watermark. The cinema-graph is available if you need to apply it to your video. If you want to check the details about video’s statistics, please look at the statistics page from the editor page. This page enables you to analyse the video detail information such as frame account, frame size, average duration, and frame DPI and scale.

  We hope this article will help you. If you haven’t downloaded Screen Recorder& Webcam Recorder, please install it. You will find a remarkable way of work.